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Get 15% off when buying 3 or more - Use Code SAVE15

Get 15% off when buying 3 or more - Use Code SAVE15

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Save A Heart Emergency Pill Fob


Consider gifting a pill fob to your loved ones for their birthday, anniversary, or just because! It is a small price to pay to potentially save their life!

The Save A Heart pill fob ensures you have emergency ASA, anytime, anywhere.

Doctors recommend chewing and swallowing one 325mg ASA tablet when experiencing signs of a heart attack. 

*ASA tablet not included.

**ASA should not be given to someone experiencing a stroke, and should not be given to someone with an ASA allergy. 


• Ensures you have ASA at your fingertips.

• Designed to hold 2 325mg ASA tablets.

• Made from precision machined stainless steel.

• Medical grade.

• Red O-ring ensures the pill fob is water tight.

Save A Heart donates a portion of proceeds from each pill fob purchased on our website to support the Heart & Stroke Foundation


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Based on 452 reviews
Awesome product, great idea!

Love it, we purchased for ourselves, family and some friends. Great idea!

Given as gifts

I had bought fobs for my husband and myself. I had realized what a great idea it was so I bought more for my sisters. It is a great comfort that medication is with you. I have mine on my keychain.

Never received

I never received the items I purchased

Save A Heart Emergency Pill Fob

Save A Heart Emergency Pill Fob
Nancy & Wray Holmes
Very Good Investment

It’s a comfort to me that I could provide this little bit of prevention to the men in my life. I hope they never have cause to use it but feel better because they have it. They could also help someone else who is showing signs of a heart attack.💓

Hope to never have to use it !


On time and as described

It’s a exactly as presented in the advert. Very quick to get here. I’m happy I bought them.


Great idea!! I purchased a few for Family!

Save a Heart Pill Fob

This item is exactly as advertised. It fits 2 aspirins. The item arrived promptly and has been on my key chain since arriving. Highly recommend

Great thing to have

Great thing to have on hand. May save a life, even yours.

Great idea!

Compact, convenient and well made.
Quick delivery.

Handy Heart Saver

I purchased the Save a Heart Pill Fob recently and I have to say, this little container is great. It is so small that it's easy to carry in your pocket, on a necklace/chain, or on your key fob. It's quick to access and easy to open if you need it. Having it on my person while I'm out being active or even just in the house, relieves my mind knowing it's right there.

Save a life

Great concept. I hope it never has to be used however we are better prepared for a possible stroke or heart attack

Love My Fob

I decided to get a Save a Heart fob not just because my husband and I are now in our 60's but because we have relatives who are older and you never know when you may need to Save a Heart other than your own as well. Thank you Save a Heart for a brilliant way to possibly save a heart.

Small Perfect Gift

My husband only carries his keys & phone - that's it! With his pill fob he always has aspirin with him. So simple.

Save A Heart Pill Fob

Save A Heart Emergency Pill Fob
Judy Van houwelingen

The Save A Heart pill fob is of very good quality and is on my keychain now . I have told several friends who also plan on ordering it. I would recommend to everyone

Heart Fob

This Stainless steel Heart Fob is most excellent!!!
My PSW wants one and I intend to gift my children each with one!!! I feel more secure with it. I am a Heartbpatient and it’s comforting to know it’s with me. Plus it makes me feel good knowing if need be I could help someone else!!!
Great idea and thought!!!

I wish the cost was lower as I would like to purchase one for all my friends and family. Too expensive to do that, so have to make choices as to who I give them to.

Great product

This product is very well made and seems like it is going to last a long time.

Very satisfied!

The product has met all of my expectations and I am glad I purchased it.

Heart Fob is a great idea!

Great way to save a life. Nice and compact. Highly recommend this for everyone!

Good quality product

Strong, small and perfect for your key ring.

Save A Heart Pill Fob

The fob arrived quickly and is the perfect size!