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Save A Heart Emergency Pill Fob


Consider gifting a pill fob to your loved ones for their birthday, anniversary, or just because! It is a small price to pay to potentially save their life!

The Save A Heart pill fob ensures you have emergency ASA, anytime, anywhere.

Key Features:

  • Designed to hold 2 325mg ASA tablets.
  • Medical grade.
  • Red O-ring ensures the pill fob is water tight.
  • Made from precision machined stainless steel.


  • Medical grade stainless steel.


  • 0.5 x 0.5 x 1 inch.
  • Smaller than a household key.
  • Product weighs 13 grams.

Doctors recommend chewing and swallowing one 325mg ASA tablet when experiencing signs of a heart attack. The ASA slows clotting and decreases the size of the forming blood clot, thereby preventing the heart attack from becoming more severe.

* ASA tablet not included.

* ASA should not be given to someone experiencing a stroke, and should not be given to someone with an ASA allergy. 

* Always allow the individual to administer their own ASA.

Having a heart attack is serious. So is being prepared.

Save A Heart ensures you have immediate access to Aspirin.

Our mission is to improve the survival rates of heart attack victims but we need your help!

Save A Heart donates a portion of proceeds from each pill fob purchased on our website to support the Heart & Stroke Foundation


View Our Fundraising Page

Save A Heart is a family run business with the mission to improve the survival rates of heart attack victims.


The idea behind the creation of the Save a Heart pill fob resulted from a beloved uncle having a heart attack.


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Based on 750 reviews

Possibly fantastic but I can’t review what I have not yet received
Karen MacDonald

Very Pleased

Delivery was fast and I am quite pleased with the product!!

Keychain Pill Fob

As first responder I bought a few of these family and friends as well for myself, great gift idea for the ones you love

This unique gift got a lot of attention!

For my Husband's 50th birthday, I gave him three of these. He is often out in the bush with his friends, dirtbiking or snowbiking, and I thought this would make a nice addition to his safety kit, his key fob, and his riding backpack. You know it's a cool gift when all the guests say, "Wait, what is that? What's it called? Is there a website?" I have shared this gift on social media and quite a few people have replied saying they had never seen these before and would be ordering as gifts for christmas. I sincerely hope that they never need to be used. But I feel good knowing that for such a low price, they can make a difference in an emergency. My husband and his friends do a lot of heavy work while they ride, tough terrain and lifting bikes. And none of them are getting any younger. This gives me (and him) some peace of mind.

Great idea that can save a life

Being able to keep aspirin accessible could save your life

Great gifts

Nice gift ideas 💝

Amazing Gift Idea!!

Bought one for myself then 2 family members saw it and wanted one too! After losing our dad to a heart attack made a great gift idea!

I hope I never have to use this, but I’m happy to have it on my keychain. I bought several for people I care about.

Great little key holder

Perfect little key holder ,great place to have these emergency pills on hand.

Great little fob

Looks after those little aspirin. Just don’t forget they expire, change them up

Expensive for what it is. I'd buy a number more if they were closer in price to pill vials available in retail, but can't rationalize current cost v

Very useful. But can not fit a 328 mg aspirin.

Hello Rosalia, our pill fobs are designed to hold 2 325mg aspirin or could also hold 3 81mg aspirin.

Two low dose, 81mg Aspirin, can work as well but one 325mg pill is recommended (the 325mg Aspirin is not chewable but can still be chewed up and will save a life when experiencing signs of a heart attack). Harvard Medical School released a research paper on the topic and it states, “People who think they may be having an attack need a 325 mg of aspirin, and they need it as quickly as possible. For the best results, chew a single full-sized 325-mg tablet.”

Bayer Aspirin had previously recommended chewing and swallowing one 325mg Aspirin and has recently switched the recommendation to two of the chewable lower dose Aspirin.

Their advertising has changed but the previous recommendation of chewing one 325mg still holds true in all research.


These items will be given as gifts to four very special people in our lives! Merry Christmas from the Heart!!

Perfect case

Great case, small and compact. Doesn't get in the way of the keys on the ring.
I tested for waterproof and it held.

Save A Heart Emergency Pill Fob

Save a Heart fob

Such a great idea, I've bought them for stocking stuffers!

Save a Heart capsule

Haven’t had to use it yet. Knock on wood! Its sturdy and has solid attachment rings.

Every Senior should carry one

Hopefully I don’t have to use this, but the quality of the product is excellent and it came within a couple of days

Best tablet container ever!

The numbers of people over the age off 60 is greater than ever. With age comes increased risk of a cardiac event and therefore the chances of a bystander witnessing one. Two 325 mg aspirin administered minutes soon after chest pain starts can literally save a life. Everyone should have and use this key fob. It’s sturdy and well sealed to prevent breakdown of the aspirin.
What a thoughtful gift for friends and loved ones!

Great product

Great idea

This is a great idea , compact and easily accessible

Great size for key chain.

My friend had one and I thought it was a great idea. I purchased two. One for me one for my husband. I like the look and size.

Love this Case

As a retired ICU Nurse I know the importance of aspirin.I bought 5 of these cases for my family.


Hope don’t have to use it but being prepared is best

Thoughtful Idea

Really well made and potentially a lifesaver! I purchased 10 to give as a stocking stuffer to loved ones because ‘you never know’. A fantastic idea. Thanks