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Save A Heart Saved These Lives

Save a Heart is proud to report that our product has been instrumental in saving multiple lives. We are honored to have made such a positive impact and continue to strive towards improving survival rates for heart attack victims.

Carrying Save A Heart is a lifesaving measure if you or someone you are with starts experiencing heart attack symptoms. Our pill fob is a small device that holds a two Aspirin pills and can be attached to a keychain or other item for easy access.

Cat. R.


"In 2020 I lost one of my best friends to a heart attack. Fast forward three years and I was driving when I started having chest pains. I pulled over and chewed my aspirin and called 911. I had a widowmaker heart attack but I SURVIVED! I am sure this product was a part of that. So many things went right that day including carrying my fob."
Rick Barsky


"Felt shortness of breath on August 30/22 and a "funny" feeling while out walking by myself. Took the 2 Aspirin, called 911. Ambulance arrived minutes later. Sure enough it was a sudden heart attack. The pills in the Save A Heart fob played a role in saving my life. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart."



"A friend of mine gave one of these the day before. The next day woke up with chest pain took 3 aspirin 81s when to the hospital. Had a stent put in 3 hours later. So it definitely saved my life."



“I wanted to share a story about my experience with Save A Heart.

My mother had a heart attack scare a few months ago. In response, my father bought every family member one of your key fobs. I threw it on my keys and never thought anything more of it.

Today at work I heard one of my employees yelling to call 911. When I rounded the corner I saw her holding a collapsing customer and gently bringing the customer to the floor. This customer stated that their chest felt like it was ripping apart.

I quickly called 911 who instructed us on what to do. One of the people cried out does anyone have any Aspirin on them. I instantly remembered that I had been carrying around Aspirin for a few months now. We were able to get the customer to chew one immediately before she became too ill to swallow or chew.

We don't have any outcomes, however, I believe if we had to go any further than my pocket with your key chain the customer would have in no way been able to chew an Aspirin in their rapidly deteriorating state.

I firmly believe everyone should have this with them at all times and I will be purchasing one for every single one of my Managers and Supervisors to have on their person at work.”



"My brother had the fob with two aspirin inside was having a heart attack and it helped him to get to the hospital."



"I have gifted a number of the Pill Fobs over the years after my father had a heart attack. I recently purchased more to share with friends. A week later a friend had to call an ambulance for her mother and was advised to giver her two aspirin, which she now had on her key chain. On their journey to the hospital the paramedic gave her a refill for her fob!"



"My buddy was skiing he was in line to do another run. Massive Heart Attack he flat lined. Just happened to be a skier that had Save A Heart. Had 3 81 aspirin, gave them to him, saved his life."