Looking to Show you Care?

Workplace wellness initiatives should do more than just promote healthy habits.

Employees want to feel that their employers truly care about their well-being. A cost effective way to send this message is to give the gift of life, the Save A Heart pill fob.

The Save A Heart pill fob is designed to have emergency ASA at your finger tips wherever you go. As you may know, heart attacks are a leading cause of death and disability, and they can happen at any time, even to young, healthy individuals. Having an aspirin on hand in case of a heart attack can be a lifesaving measure, as it can help to reduce the damage to the heart.

The Save A Heart pill fob is a small, convenient device that holds a single dose of aspirin. It can be easily attached to a keychain or other item, so it is always within reach in case of an emergency. The fob is easy to use, and it provides peace of mind knowing that emergency medication is always nearby.

Providing your employees with the Save A Heart pill fob is a valuable investment in their health and well-being. It could potentially save lives and reduce the impact of heart attacks on your workforce.

If you are interested in learning more about the Save A Heart pill fob and how it could benefit your employees, please don't hesitate to contact us below.

Save A Heart offers discounted bulk order pricing.