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Great idea, gave to family


5 years ago I had a heart attack and remembered that you should chew 2 low dose Aspirin and it helped me because I’m here now to write a review.
It’s just perfect for carrying 2-325 mg Aspirin or 4 low dose Aspirin, incase I need it or if someone is experiencing a heart attack and you have them on you to help them. You just never know. Cheers John

Perfect for its use.

Still waiting!!

This must be coming by way of outer space!!

Great item for emergency

I think it is great to have this on you at all times just in case it is needed.


I received my Save A Heart Emergency Aspirin Pill Fob. It is a nice size and fits nicely on my key chain. I am planning on purchasing more for friends.


I loved mine so much that I bought one for my wife and son. I had a bottle of aspirin right there. They both remarked about how well they were finished. And what a grand idea. Both put them on their key chain right then.


Great product, great service, buy with confidence.

great Idea to help save a heart (life)

husband was very happy with this fob, he had been carrying the aspirin in his wallet, now it is more convenient. Recommended it to a friend who has the bottle in her purse.

Save a Heart Emergency Aspirin Fob

They are great. With you all the time. Buy them for yourself or your friends.

So incredibly practical. Everyone I've gifted them to were happy to receive them.

Save a Heart

It's perfect. I am going to order 2 more

So Important - 2pk Save a Heart Aspirin pill fob

I bought a few if these fobs for my kids and myself. My son is a firefighter, my daughter in law in corrections, I was in law enforcement and EMT, and my daughters work with senior staff. My brother in law has had 2 heart attacks and open heart surgery. So, when I saw these, I ordered one for all of them. Heart disease is all around us and it's so amazing to have these fobs so close to use when an emergency come up. For anyone who is hesitant in buying these, don't, buy them. Attach them to a purse, a set of keys or a backpack. It could help save a life.

2-Pack Save A Heart Emergency Aspirin Pill Fob

Great idea and product!

Loved that I had an "emergency" kit to possibly prevent a severe heart attack. Unfortunately I've lost my whole key ring. Need to reorder.

Thank God haven’t had to use them yet, but what a great life-saving idea. Thank you so much.

Never showed up

My original order was great so I re-ordered to give to a friend but it never arrived. Without a tracking # I am out of luck.

emergency pill fob

Excellent to carry for an emergency