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This might save my life or someone close to me! ❤️


I kept one and giving the others out as Christmas gifts.❤️🎁


Great idea to have with you!

A giving gift

I love this pill Fob and my husband was happy to receive this gift a good cause and maybe save a life .

Great gift

I wish the fobs were less expensive as I would give more of these as gifts

More than a life saver

Superior qualities, showed My friends & expect more orders


Easier than a keychain for ensuring I have an aspirin at all times

Great stocking stuffer!

Having a friend who was saved by chewing an aspirin inspired me to but one of these fobs for everyone in my family as a stocking stuffer. Great gift that could save a life.

Fantastic Product

I have now purchased multiple Fobs and have given them to friends and family. The Fob construction is solid and exactly as advertised. I recommend this product highly !!

2-Pack Save A Heart

I did not receive my order

Heart to Heart

This product is such a simple idea, but one that could save your own life, or the life of someone else. We think it is brilliant. Order now!

They never arrived.

Perfect size

Perfect size for my key chain.

Great little safety feature

Wonderful peace of mind having these for myself and loved ones.

Amazing product!

Great product

As we get older we need these in an emergency. So small and practical on our key chains and always ready if needed! I’m thinking these would make good gifts for friends and family.

Love this product!

Great quality and much smaller than what you can buy otherwise which is great for the keychain!

Perfect gift

I think this is the perfect gift for Friends and Family 💕

Found out the magnet was too close to heart and my stents and not to wear on neck, it is on my signal column now on vehicle

Small, discrete & functional!


I carry a days worth of medication in my pill box on my key chain. I’m a heart patient.

I love this limited edition . I purchased 2 . One for myself , so I now have the regular pill fob on one keychain and this nice black one on another keychain . Great to have one your person in case of an emergency .

I have already given away 20 of these pill fobs to family and friends . I still have 15 here at home to give to my workmates. I also bought 2 of the limited edition and I have the Save a Heart Necklace myself . I obviously think they are an essential part of our lives .

Everyone should own one

Even if it only saves one life…it’s worth the peace of mind