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Let Our Customers Speak For Us
Based on 613 reviews
Never got them

And still don’t have them

Very happy with the fobs.

Would be nice if there was a case to keep a 500 aspirin. They r abit larger in diameter.

Great quality

This is fob is made very well has a seal so the aspirin won’t get wet. I fell good about having this with me at all times.

Perfect little addition to my house keys

Quality seems great. Item was delivered quickly. Glad to have this as a part of my keys and knowing that should the need arise for myself, a family member or friend or just some complete stranger on my journeys that I will have the ability to better their chances of recovery after a heart event. Happy with my purchase.

Pill fob

Great idea!

Happy with product

Great idea small enough to carry wherever you go. Have purchased for family members so we can all have help if needed.

Save A Heart Emergency Pill Fob

What a great idea

Bought for family and friends. A great way to ensure ASA is close on case of emergency

Great Idea

This is a great product. I have bought it for some of my staff and friends. Like the idea that there is no excuse for people not to have acetylsalicylic acid (asprin) on them. Super easy to fill up, and place on your key ring.

Great idea to carry aspirin

I have it attached to my key chain and have told my husband so we have easy accessibility

Great gift

I gave them as gifts and people thought they were great.

Save A Heart Emergency Pill Fob
Belinda Marian Loughli
Pill phobe

Great idea..sharing on FB..everyone should have one..well made..good price..

Save a heart pill fob

Glad I was able to find these and have them on all our key chains for emergencies


Very convenient way to keep important emergency supplies nearby!

Great Gift Idea

Nice and small so it doesn’t create a lot of bulk on the key chain. Thinking of purchasing a very morning as stocking stuffer this Christmas


I am very happy with this product! It is a great product that I think everyone should have on their key chain!

Great gadget

Always with me when attached to my keys. Worry free travel!!

Save A Heart Emergency Pill Fob

Great safety product

Small enough not to be heavy on the key chain. shipping was fast as well. I don't like paying $13 for such a small item buts the only one only I found this small.

nice and compact. And if it saves my wifes or my life well worth it. Thanks

Six stars

They’re great. Fit on your keychains and barely noticed. Ordered more as gifts.

Good to have

Nice sturdy case to clip onto your keychain. Easily fits two aspirins

Save A Heart

I am very pleased with the fob. Very well made and perfect size for a keychain. I bought three. One for myself and two as gifts. I am always showing it off and letting people know how to buy one. It gives me great peace of mind knowing I have the aspirin easily accessible should there ever be an emergency.


Great to keep this on my key chains, have one for each of our cars. And remember to tell your family it’s there!