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Having ASA at your fingertips can help you survive a heart attack


We Have Saved Lives

Save A Heart

Saved These Lives

Save a Heart is proud to report that our product has been instrumental in saving multiple lives. We are honoured to have made such a positive impact and continue to strive towards improving survival rates for heart attack victims.

Our Story

Save A Heart is a family run business that was founded in 2019.

The idea behind the creation of Save a Heart resulted from the loss of our uncle to a heart attack. Had he had Aspirin on hand, he might still be with us today. Our goal is to improve the survival rates of heart attack victims and prevent other families from experiencing the devastating loss of a loved one to a cardiac event.

2-Pack Save A Heart Emergency Aspirin Pill Fob

2-Pack Save A Heart Emergency Aspirin Pill Fob$22.00 CAD$25.00 CAD

Our top-selling Emergency Aspirin Pill Fob in a convenient 2-pack! This bundle includes two pill fobs packaged together with one informational card. If you prefer individual in...

Save A Heart Emergency Pill Necklace

Save A Heart Emergency Pill Necklace$20.00 CAD$29.95 CAD

You asked, we listened. After a full year of careful development and multiple prototypes we have arrived at the perfect Save A Heart Aspirin necklace. Our cutting-edge necklace ...

Emergency Aspirin Pill Fob

Don't let a cardiac emergency catch you off guard. Keep the Save A Heart Emergency Aspirin Pill Fob close by and have quick access to aspirin, which can help improve the chances of survival during a heart attack.

Emergency Aspirin Necklace

Our cutting-edge necklace is not only beautiful but is also extremely innovative, designed to carry one 325mg emergency Aspirin.