Save A Heart

Give Your Loved Ones The Gift of Life

Anyone Can Be At Risk Of Having A Heart Attack!

Save A Heart pill fob ensures you have ASA at your finger tips.

*ASA Tablet not included.

Medical Grade

Precision machined stainless steel.

Holds ASA

Designed to hold two 325mg pills.

Water Tight

Sealed by red o-ring.

Save A Life!

At Save a Heart our mission is to improve the survival rates of heart attack victims by ensuring immediate access to ASA with the Save a Heart pill fob.

A person experiencing signs of a heart attack should first call 911 then chew and swallow one 325mg ASA tablet. ASA may slow clotting and decrease the size of the forming blood clot, potentially preventing the heart attack from becoming more severe.

Doctors recommend chewing and swallowing one 325mg ASA tablet when experiencing signs of a heart attack.

*ASA not included.

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Proceeds in Support

Save A Heart donates a portion of proceeds from each pill fob purchased on our website to support the Heart & Stroke Foundation: The Durham, York South & Surrounding Areas Division in Canada.

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