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It was a great gift.

Piece of mind!

It gives me a sense of peace knowing right where to put my hand on the Asprin if I ever need it!!

Emergency Pill Fob

This is such a good idea! I love my new fob and it is very reassuring to always have with me. Thank you so much.

Aspirin keyfob

It's a sturdy little keyfob that is discreet and easy to use. They make great gifts.

Never received my order

My order shipped but never got here. Still waiting for it.

Missing cap

I only had one for a few months and somehow the cap unscrewed and was lost, I'm sure I tighten it but swinging on my Keychain it loosened and was lost, is there anyway I can get a replacement cap for it?

Great idea

I think this is brilliant. Thank you

Excellent product

I love my pill fob, going to be buying more for family members

Great quality build.

Love the look and solid construction of this product.

Great Product

Lost my first one. Ordered one for me and one for a friend. Wonderful product!

Save a heart fob

Have this on my Keychain,
Lightweight and easy to carry!

Convenient Pull Fob

A convenient and handy item to carry aspirin tablets in case of a heart attack. I ordered 2.

This is a great idea whose time has come!

After my wife’s recent stroke, (I know they are not for stroke patients, but for heart attacks) I saw the ad from Save-A-Heart on Facebook and decided to follow through on it. I order two, and received them within two weeks.

They are inexpensive, well made, easy to use and deploy on a key chain, as they take up no space. I tell everyone I meet about them and I hope that they will buy them too.

I need to order new ones

I’m sure they’re great but unfortunately my husband threw them out because he thought they were junk mail :(

They’re great

They’re great. However one of them on my keychains completely came apart. The other one is holding on better as I made sure it’s a super tight seal. Great product!

Good Move!

The fobs are well priced, well made, small enough for a keychain, and easy to open.

Great Idea

Perfect for key chain or to just keep it in your pocket- I bought 2

A Gift of Love

I bought 6 and now I feel I should buy 60 and give one to everyone I love.

The least expensive/most comforting purchase ever

After losing a family friend to a heart attack out of nowhere, I saw your ad pop up, so it caught my eye immediately. I used to work for the Heart and Stroke Foundation, too, and couldn’t help but think of all of the times our supporters would have wished they had such a simple yet crucial means of helping someone in their time of need. I purchased one for myself and one for my ex, and I feel such peace of mind knowing that we (both of my six year old’s parents) now have this reassurance right there on our keychains. I’ve also passed along your website to many friends and family members because I was so impressed, and want them to have the same protection available to themselves or those around them, if God forbid an emergency occurs. Bravo 👏

Make great gifts!

Gave them out to family members and they loved them! Such an easy way to be prepared!!!

Great idea

Nice to know this little pill carrier could make a big difference.

Purposeful Gift

I bought these pill fobs to give to family members as Xmas stocking stuffers . I am sure they will be appreciated but hopefully never need to be used ! As a heart attack survivor I am very aware of the possible lifesaving factor these gift might provide.

Great product

Love it

Excellent Gifts

I’ve given away about thirty of these aspirin key fobs to friends and relatives. Great gift idea, although potentially saving lives is the reason. Great idea. Appreciated by all to whom I have given one.