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Save a Heart

They are fantastic. I ordered 2 sets one for each vehicle my husband has one one his keychain for his company work truck. I recommend them for everyone to get!

2-Pack Save A Heart Emergency Aspirin Pill Fob

Pill container

I like the idea of having this pill container on my key chain so that I can, if needed, save someone’s or my own life

Happy to have them!

I bought a set for myself my spouse and a set for friends.
We hope they are never necessary but one never knows! Happy to be prepared for us or anyone.

Save a heart, save a life.

Great product. Easy to carry. Glad to have it handy.

2-Pack Save A Heart Emergency Aspirin Pill Fob

Thank you

Great gift

I have purchased one for myself and a few as gifts for relatives. You never know…they could save a life!

Bought as gift

I bought a couple sets as gifts for older members in my family, they seemed happy to get them

Difference in Recommended Doses

Your card says that Doctors recommend chewing and swallowing one 325mg Aspirin® when experiencing signs of a heart attack.

However, in Canada, it is recommended to chew and swallow 2 Aspirin® 81mg tablets.

Either way, the pill fob fits both and is a great product. I have one on every set of keys I own.

Excellent Product!

This is an excellent product. It is exactly as described and holds two 325 mg of Asa which can be very helpful in the case of a currently happening heart attack or an impending one. I attached it to my keychain and it is barely noticeable but at least I know it's always there if not for myself then for someone else I may come across who is in need of it. I gave one to a friend of mine as it came in a two pack and she had already had a heart attack so she has one on her keychain as well. It is much better to be safe than sorry! Highly recommend that you buy this product!

2-Pack Save A Heart Emergency Aspirin Pill Fob

Love this. Bought some for a gift as well as for us.

Love this! I feel better knowing I always have aspirin with me incase it can save a life. Thank you!

2-Pack Save A Heart Emergency Aspirin Pill Fob

Discreet, cute and convenient

As described, it is cute and convenient. It is small and sturdy. I think it is a great simple idea that could save a life. Thank you for creating it.

2-Pack Save A Heart Emergency Aspirin Pill Fob

2 aspirins didn’t fit

A Life Saver

I received two that I ordered and a week later it saved my life from a heart attack

Love this as a heartfelt gift

Would highly recommend. So cute and potentially life-saving - no better idea than this!

Second time purchasing a set of these!

This is my second set that I’ve purchased and I’ll probably be purchasing more real soon. Thank you for this amazing, solidly made product and keeping the purchase price reasonably priced.

2-Pack Save A Heart Emergency Aspirin Pill Fob

2-Pack Save A Heart Emergency Aspirin Pill Fob

Excellent purchase

I gave all my friends and family one in their Christmas gifts. A guy at work saw mine and was very interested in it. I bought each and every one of my coworkers one.