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2-Pack Save A Heart Emergency Aspirin Pill Fob

I’ve purchased the regular silver coloured ones in the past and definitely wanted to add this limited edition to my keychain.

Save A Heart

I bought these for my husband and other friends with known heart problems. All of them carry them on their keychains and are now prepared if a heart attack should occur.

Great idea and product

I keep baby aspirin with me at all times. This is such a great little unit.

Save a heart

I bought 2 packs and each of my family members carry this on their key chain.

I feel safe carrying this aspirin fob on my keys, it's always with me.

No more worries about how to have asprin when I may need it.

Convenient way to always have aspirin close at hand.

Glad I’m armed!

I’m glad that I will be able to help someone in distress.

Always with me

Very convenient great idea

Aspirin holder

Super quality! And not too bulky!

Life saver

Great idea , might order more for other friends .


I initially purchases two x two and handed them out to those I thought would make good use of them. Almost immediately I was asked to order two x two more and believe the number will increase from there. These are just smart….and can simply be added to most key chains. It doesn’t get any easier. I cannot recommend them more highly.


Gave as a gift to my children and one each for me snd husband

I have not received my order!

I have not received my order so not sure how I can do a satisfaction survey !!! Please advise re my order,,,

Best purchase

I liked the idea, the quality and the price. Excellent product. I placed a second order to give as gifts. I tell everyone that sees it on my key fob what it is. Then they want one. Thank you for this product.

Great Idea!

I bought one for myself and gave one as a gift!

Great Idea

Gave one to my son with aspirin included.

Gave away to 6 aging friends who have placed them on their key rings "JUST IN CASE" Son gave my wife & I these containers quite a few years ago.

2-Pack Save A Heart Emergency Aspirin Pill Fob

Peace of Mind

I have a little peace of mind just knowing that it’s on my keychain and could save a life.


This is such a great idea, it's so easy to put on your Keychain so you always have it with you.

Thank you

Two weeks after purchasing Save a Heart and putting it on my keychain. I was with someone who was experiencing heart attack symptoms. Gave the person the two 81mg aspirins from my Save a Heart keychain. Having the aspirins readily available contributed in saving the individuals life. Thank you.

Just what I expected. Would recommend

good quality product

compact, good materials, confidence and security. Happy with this purchase.