Raising Awareness to Save More Lives

Raising Awareness to Save More Lives

A close individual within our family circle faced a critical situation when their father suffered a significant heart attack this past Saturday evening.

Despite experiencing arm pain throughout the week, he like many, dismissed it as nothing more than an unusual occurrence. The seemingly healthy 54-year-old man was unaware that there was a blockage in one of his arteries.

Fortunately, he has one of our Save A Heart pill fobs and decided to take the aspirin it contained on Friday, wondering if it could be related to his heart.

On Saturday, while he and his wife were watching TV, she heard him emit make some weird breathing sounds and noticed slurred speech accompanied by foaming at the mouth. She quickly dialed 911, and the response was fortunately under four minutes. Paramedics assessed him, administered aspirin, and rushed him to the hospital. Recognizing the need for life-saving open-heart surgery, he was transferred to St. Mike’s Hospital. His survival was deemed fortunate, with the doctor informing the family of a 50% survival rate going into the surgery.

The reason we are sharing this is because at Save A Heart our primary mission with these simple pill fobs is to enhance the survival rate of heart attack victims.

How often do we believe such situations won't happen to us, our loved ones, or even strangers we encounter? How many of us carry Aspirin for emergencies?

Emergencies can strike anytime, anywhere. For yourself and your loved ones, a modest $12 investment in a pill fob could potentially save a life—is it not worth every penny? Sometimes, the most meaningful gifts go beyond the ordinary and can genuinely make a difference.

It is easy to overlook the signs our bodies provide. This is not about passing judgment but rather urging everyone to listen to their bodies. Be vigilant about the symptoms that may indicate heart trouble.

If you ever suspect such issues, call 911 and take Aspirin immediately.

Make a simple investment to contribute to our mission of saving lives, one person at a time.