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Save A Heart Emergency Pill Necklace


You asked, we listened.

After a full year of careful development and multiple prototypes we have arrived at the perfect Save A Heart Aspirin necklace. Our cutting-edge necklace is not only beautiful but is also extremely innovative, designed to carry one 325mg emergency Aspirin.

Key Features:

  • Designed to hold 1 325mg ASA tablet.
  • Equipped with strong magnetic closures.
  • Interior black O-ring ensures the locket is water resistant.


  • Heart locket: High quality TC4 Titanium.
  • Chain: 304 stainless steel.


  • Heart locket: Vacuum plating titanium in black finish.
  • Chain: Black plating process.


  • Heart measures 1 x 1 x 0.25 inches.
  • Chain measures 22 inches total length.
  • Product weighs 13 grams.

    Doctors recommend chewing and swallowing one 325mg ASA tablet when experiencing signs of a heart attack. The ASA slows clotting and decreases the size of the forming blood clot, thereby preventing the heart attack from becoming more severe.

    * ASA tablet not included.

    *  ASA should not be given to someone experiencing a stroke, and should not be given to someone with an ASA allergy. Read More

    * Always allow the individual to administer their own ASA.

    Having a heart attack is serious. So is being prepared.

    Save A Heart ensures you have immediate access to Aspirin.

    Our mission is to improve the survival rates of heart attack victims but we need your help!

    Save A Heart donates a portion of proceeds from each pill fob purchased on our website to support the Heart & Stroke Foundation


    View Our Fundraising Page

    Save A Heart is a family run business with the mission to improve the survival rates of heart attack victims.


    The idea behind the creation of the Save a Heart pill fob resulted from a beloved uncle having a heart attack.


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    Based on 936 reviews
    Love this idea.

    Great product! Don’t want to screw cap too tight so that you can get into it as needed. But then I lost the aspirin and main part of my key chain.

    Great gift

    My husband now has the key fob on both sets of his keys. It is a gift of peace of mind.

    Well constructed
    Very smart idea
    Absolutely recommend

    Handy little gadget!

    Excellent quality and perfect size. Bought as a stocking stuffer and recipient is very happy!

    Save A Heart Emergency Pill Fob


    Gives a little peace of mind and so cute

    Great idea!

    I bought several of the key chains and necklace and gave them to friends and family already filled. A very thoughtful gift!

    Save A Heart Emergency Pill Fob

    Save a Life Pill container

    Love this container. Bought 2 for
    Both my key chain and my husbands. Aspiran is now accessible and we
    Know where it is. When we’re out of
    The house it is with us. Well made
    And great idea.


    Very well made and gives you a sense of being prepared just in case. I feel having on my key ring and will be getting more to give family and friends

    Great idea

    Easy to clip on keys and ready if needed

    I saw the pill FOB on a friends key chain and ordered the next day. Handy method to store pills that I hope I will never have to use.

    Love it

    I think this is an amazing item for everyone to have. You may save the life of a loved one or someone you’ve never met. The Best.

    The quality of the necklace was quite impressive. I am very happy with the chain only beacause I can not usually wear anything but gold. Have had no problems.
    Would like to suggest about making the necklace water proof.

    Save a Heart Emerg Pill Fob

    This is a very nice looking fob. What it holds could be life or death. Now I know my husband or someone else will be possibley saved by carrying this fob.
    Thank you

    Great product !

    I bought two for our key chains and you never know if and when you will need it. Even if you are with some else that is showing symptom's you are ready… :) cheers !!

    Great idea!

    I have one on my keychain, gave one to my husband and gave one to my step-dad. Handy little thing. doesn't get in the way, and it's always with me as long as I have my keys! Highly Recommend!

    Love them!!

    Love these. Ordered quite a few and gave out to friends and family.
    Thank you


    What a great idea!! Thank you so much for providing such peace of mind! Many of my family members have a strong history of heart disease so I have given them each one as a gift. Thank you again and I’m so sorry for the loss of your uncle. May his legacy live on and save many lives ❤️

    Great gift for friends

    I bought a Pill Fob for each of my 3 golf friends! Our friend just had a heart attack so it hit home. We have them loaded. Let’s hope we don’t have to use them for a long time!

    Fantastic Product

    So pleased with this product. Absolute quality. Highly recommend

    Keep one on my key chain..bought 2 more for sons in law who are in there 60's....great idea

    It's great!

    It's great, glad

    Great investment at hardly any cost!

    Two for my husband and two for me. Neither of us may personally ever need it, but if we can help somebody… :-)

    Great product

    Works well. Easy to add to keys